About Pirate Habits


Pirate Habits is a new clothing brand started out of Sydney, Australia.

A streetwear brand for entrepreneurs.

What it means to be a pirate

We're 100% all about people NOT living a groundhog-day life that SUCKS the life out of them. Living to work is absolutely [email protected] Let's just live, and when we's not work because it's fun, fulfilling and with purpose.

Our roots started with and aim to help people do this.

On this website, we teach people how to start their own Ecommerce stores and build their first, long-term online business.

Moving away from the traditional job, salary, turn up to your 9-5 job that you're told to do and doing your own thing is what it means to be a PIRATE.

Be The Captain. But how?

Our motto is Be The Captain.

Life is your ship. And there's people on board.

You can be in the lower decks on your ship cleaning up after other people and doing what you're told.

Or you can grab life by the balls. intentionally make changes to redirect your life, and Be The Captain.

Life is moving forward and there's nothing you can do. What you CAN do is CHANGE the direction it's heading.

Pirate Habits 101

Pirate Habits is all about promoting the anti-system life and working day in and day out to create what you want out of life.

A life you want, the business you want - through Pirate Habits.

With an online business, you can work from wherever you like WHEN whenever you like.

No more bosses, calling in sick, 2-4 weeks of holidays a year - all to build someone else's dream (your bosses!).

Be a PIRATE...break away from the norm. Design the life you want to live and then GO for it.

That's what being a PIRATE is about.

Pirate Habits? This is our PIRATE ideology for life mixed with STREETWEAR / SKATE inspired trends so people who live and breathe the PIRATE life can look good in gear while living with PIRATE HABITS.

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